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"ORRA" is a co- traveler on a journey of character development. Each bag is a testament to its owner's unique story. The brand's philosophy is rooted to the idea that experiences are the threads that weave one's personality. Each bag can hold, not only the possessions, but also stories and experiences, accumulated with time.

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Amalia Bag

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Orrosimo Collection

Andromachi Bag

Our Andromachi Bag, is inspired by Andromachi Mavrogenous who saved many women by discovering Test Pap with her husband George Papanikolaou.

Orrosimo Collection

Melina Bag

Our Melina Bag, is inspired by the Greek actor and politician Melina Mercouri. She will always be remembered as the “last Greek goddess” and the “passionate woman” because all her life was full of dreams, hope, agonies and fights.


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